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Senior Frontend Developer

Role: Frontend Engineer

Remote | Full Remote | Saint Croix,Virgin Islands (US)


As a senior frontend developer, you are someone who can see projects through from beginning to end, coach others, and self-manage. We’re looking for an eager person who can bring our team to the next level with technical knowledge, people skills, and real-world experience.

Personal Requirements.

You are able to handle ambiguity and can push projects forward even when there is not a clear best path

You see things through from start to finish

You can manage yourself but you also work well with others

A good sense of humor and is a great team player

Fluent in English and an excellent communicator.



A modern framework, e.g. Vue or React

Tailwind CSS

Webpack, though we're open to switching to a faster bundler

Storybook (hosted on Chromatic) for our design systems

Technical skills 

You must have built out design systems and large frontend apps, in a codebase optimized for performance; (we use Storybook and Chromatic).

Your frontend code is tested; we use Jest and Cypress

You should be able to successfully refactor existing code and get rid of tech debt without regressions.


TypeScript VueJS Tailwind.css ReactJs



Salary range

$8,000.00 - $10,000.00